Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Backwards and forward

It's been a hard year and like difficult times not without sweet moments and glad tidings. My issues pale compared to many- we haven't had a highly contagious and lethal virus sweep our community nor has a weather anomaly threatened our well being.  Our offspring continue to grow and thrive and if our ability to get along could be better, we are hardly unique in that respect. As a recently elected official to the board of my small village I have witnessed behavior that would shock and mystify many- but supposedly among elected officials, this is nothing new. So not a year that will stand out for many positives. (Well, our middle child had a milestone year with graduating high school and heading off to college- but as most parents will attest- your children's accomplishments are theirs' and theirs' alone. Living through them is not recommended.)

So, I am thankful this year is drawing to a close. To my more experienced colleagues in the political game, you undoubtably have much thicker skin than mine- which might be a good thing. (The jury's out on that one.)

In the meantime, looking forward to a happier and hopefully less stressful new year. And wishing you and your's the best of everything and happiness in 2015.

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