Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Start of Something New (and completely different)

A few months back a neighbor who is a trustee for our village called to ask if I would consider running in the upcoming election as a current trustee was stepping down. I had a lot of questions- including my overall anxiety at campaigning and giving promotional speeches about myself- not something I love to do. But he talked me through it, and reminded me that it was more than likely that I would run unopposed in our heavily Democratic village (meaning I would be required to make only a few appearances to meet and greet my fellow residents in the course of a campaign).

I discussed it with my husband and some good friends all of whom thought it was a great idea. My kids were shockingly okay when I mentioned it as a possibility. So, other than my own concerns over my political inexperience, there proved to be no real obstacles. As my fellow candidates are incumbents, I am the only new kid on the block, and in the end, the Republicans failed to put up any candidates. My "stumping" consisted of securing the nomination at our local Democratic caucus, answering some questions for one of our local papers and appearing at a q. and a. for local candidates at a neighborhood meeting.

Election day arrived today and after dropping our kids off at school I made my way to our local polls to vote. I've seen my name in print before but this foray represents a new way to contribute and use my talents and I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Good for you! Sometimes doing something new (and completely different) can be an invigorating boost to your life. Good luck with your new position!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind wishes- means a lot!!

  3. Dorothy! This is wonderful - I'm sure this will prove to be a very interesting position. You will learn so much about your town and the people in it. Contributing is the best way to know and help people in a completely new way. Congratulations!!