Sunday, July 12, 2015

Déjà Vu (of the junk drawer variety)

There isn't lot of originality to be had given the centuries and millennia the visual arts have flourished. Most everything is an offshoot of or a tribute to or inspired by or in response to so that when you examine an artwork a lot of other thoughts can come to mind beside the work itself.

I enjoy looking at the 20x200 website the talented Jen Beckmann directs with her team. I love the concept of affordable art and the curation is very good. (Full disclosure, I purchased a print by Jane Mount from the site a few years back and it's been hanging in a prominent spot in our kitchen ever since.)

Today. while enjoying their latest offerings, this print by Paho Mann sent a wave of déjà vu through me. I felt I had taken a similar image when I photographed at the studio of David Barnett and noticed his junk drawers filled with elements he incorporates in to his work.

Sometimes you feel connected to a global enterprise that generates content and disseminates ideas at a rapid pace. At those times I feel less alone.

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