Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Who Doesn't?

Now that I am in the land of the newly single,  I know staying uncoupled is not my heart's desire. While my marriage didn't work out, being in a partnership had much to recommend it. Dating again is both nerve wracking and exciting and it's funny to find myself feeling like a teenager again in the body of a woman whose teen years are firmly in the past.

Watching The Bachelor this season provided an escape in to orchestrated romance. Fantastic locales, divine adventures, lots of alcohol and heartfelt confessions on camera. (Mostly) G rated bliss! Dating sites are no match for all the telegenic men and women who sign up to be observed, analyzed and dissed.

It looks like this year's bachelor might have found his one true love. He had casting directors to help find the woman of his dreams and talented camera operators to shoot them from just the right angle and in the best light. I have only intuition and determination to guide me. Throw in a little luck and I might find my own happy ending.
Wouldn't that be nice!

(And a diamond engagement ring- been there- done that. None required. I'll take a gem of a guy over an expensive glittery bauble on my hand any day.)

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