Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where I'm At

Here I am, in my sixth year of crafting my content on this blog. All my thoughts, over-sharing, insights and images has led to little celebrity nor has it brought much by way of income. That's not necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy communicating with your inner circle of admirers and readers and friends. The downside is the time crafting these bits of narrative (we're talking almost 800 posts) could have been possibly spent doing something else that made money. (Emphasis by my husband. I'll stop there.)

Still, I am regularly inspired by what surrounds me and this time of year all the flowers blooming capture my gaze and who doesn't like examining beauty? (and thank you to Lisa M. who made lunch and let me wander camera in hand in her backyard.)

I made a little pact with myself that at 100,000 views (an imminent event- like today) I would take stock.

 Do I keep doing this? Why? Why not?

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