Thursday, July 30, 2015

Many Swims

We are fortunate to belong to a little beach club that was founded almost 100 years ago in the adjacent neighborhood to ours. It's less than a mile from the house so it's easy to get there and jump in on a hot day.  The members comprise all the generations so it makes for an idyllic spot to people watch when you find yourself with nothing else to do.

(For many years when the kids were small we often headed there at dinner time with our evening meal packed in baskets, kids in suits and assorted equipment. James would walk down from the train platform, supper would commence and if you lingered long enough, you could drink in the sunset.)

I am an avid swimmer, love being in the water and always have. I've been fortunate to have photographed watery places of all sorts (like many of my fellow image makers). Hard to resist when a beautiful scene unfolds before my eyes. My ode to summer!


  1. I can attest that It is really great swimming there in the mighty Hudson...I will be back!Thanks!!

  2. stunning photos, what a beautiful spot to have right in your backyard!

  3. Thanks for your kind words! Yes we are very lucky. Come visit us on one of your jaunts!!