Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday in Soho

I always like going to art exhibits with Ellen as she has great suggestions of what to see. I did fail to remember that meeting someone in front of Dean and Deluca's at 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon meant navigating a sea of people and their numerous modes of transportation in order to find her.

We made our way to the New Museum to see their current exhibition and our first stop was the top floor to admire the view.

Ellen treated me to a roasted marshmellow that was divine.

An hour spent looking....

....and then we departed the museum to stroll the neighborhood. There is always a lot to take in when exploring city streets, especially with a camera in your hands!

Author's note: leaving to exit The Sky Room level of the New Museum, I noticed it was named for 
Toby Devan Lewisa woman whose portrait I took years ago. She is an art collector, philanthropist, curator and patron and the ex-wife of Peter B. Lewis of Progressive Insurance fame. (My father's father and Peter's father were friends for many years who raised their families in the same community of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.) These back stories often cause me numerous reflections too mundane to share.

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