Saturday, December 13, 2014

Our Lighthouse gets Lit

Located in Sleepy Hollow, the Tarrytown Lighthouse (don't ask) has been missing its light for as long as I can remember. Our talented Village grant-writer Fiona Hodgson combined her talents with a local fund-raising effort and the monies were gathered to outfit our lighthouse with a new light source. There are few makers for the kind of fresnel light that is found in lighthouses and the Village was able to secure the skills of Dan Spinella who engineered a new light out of his workshop in Florida. Earlier this month, the day of the installation arrived and with much excitement the light was put in to place, wired in to the electric panel and turned on. A beloved landmark has been brought back to life and it's illumination brings hope for renewal and the positive things that can happen when people band together to create something of value for all to enjoy.

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