Monday, June 9, 2014

The BrArts Project (for Jill and Jenifer)

Jenifer Ross, my talented neighbor behind the popular co-working spot W@tercooler in Tarrytown recently hosted an inspired group of women who fashioned bras in to works of art through an amazing range of materials and methods. The bras were created to be sold to raise money to help with the costs of medical treatments for Jill Rose, a local chef and restauranteur, who is battling cancer. These amazing "BrArts" works are on display at W@tercooler for the rest of this week and they are selling out fast. (in case you are interested...)
At times like these, when folks come together to help one another, I'm truly grateful that we can call these villages home. 

And before these artworks disappear to parts hither and yon, I photographed as many I could to document this project. Above are just some of my favorites.

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