Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Day Home (with my family) or Snow Day #3

For some of you (like my children), this might be the best thing ever! But since last week was finals' week at our high school, and because my kids like to hide in their rooms when they are not in school, and since my h.s. senior only had to take two finals (don't ask), I have had the extended pleasure of two (mostly) adult sized individuals who make voluminous amounts of food disappear regularly while appearing to do absolutely nothing at all. I have discussed in the past how this behavior affects me and in response to which I strive to invoke my higher power (detach, disengage) and try to be as productive as I can while co-habitating with said individuals (son and daughter) who often make me feel more than a little weird. It's in these distinct moments that I reach back, when they were much smaller than me, a pleasure to know (mostly) and a treat to call myself their mother (most of the time.) Forgive all the parentheses (must be a cabin fever kind of thing) and hope you enjoy this image from a housebound moment from yesteryear.

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