Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Four-Legged Guest

Along the way, I have taught photography and have always enjoyed the chance to share what I know about cameras and image-making. With beginning students, assignments can be useful in that they pose a visual problem to solve. I would tell the class that they were free to interpret my query anyway they liked, except for one subject, "Please no images of cats."

I'm sorry I have not held cats in high regard photographically. It must be something about  the reliability of most members of the species to eventually curl up in a ball, making it easy to frame in a viewfinder. Earlier this week, my eldest decamped back to college taking her kitten, Boo, with her. But before they left, I succumbed again to his presence and now I have joined the ranks of the feline inclined. It's always good to be able to change your mind, wherever you are in the game.

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