Friday, November 1, 2013

The Things that Happen (and don't)

I thought everything was going according to plan. Pumpkins carved. Sufficient candy. Dinner prepared in advance. And then a phone call from my son to come to a nearby street where he was sitting in an ambulance. Perfect fodder for parental anxiety.

I'll spare any one who is interested the details (they are not gory). My son, the passenger, with his good friend, the driver, had a single car accident from which they emerged with no physical injuries whatsoever. (Their mothers, however, after spending three hours with said sons in the emergency room, found lots of opportunity to contemplate what could have happened.)

So I am thankful for the good fates that protect. And the driver in the vehicle pictured above, was someone I encountered on my way to meet the ambulance ferrying the boys in the hospital parking lot. Another kind individual who agreed to share his special something with me on a less than typical day.

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