Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Polaroid Love

I am not the admirer in question- rather my friend Max who makes an effort at least once a year to shoot the 20x24" Polaroid camera which has captivated photographers and artists alike since the first one was built and put to use use in 1977. I've had the opportunity to both create images with the camera as well as have my portrait taken and it's a remarkable experience both ways. Yesterday, Max was working with the camera to make some nudes. The photographic prints are always fascinating for their size, detail and uniqueness. Still, each piece of paper you expose comes with a hefty price tag ($200.00 per piece along with the studio rental time and the talents of  two technicians to create an exposure) so this very special camera is for a very select few. Using my digital camera- which "captures" visual information via pixels electronically made me aware of how the present intersects with the past. Still a compelling image is a compelling image, no matter how it is created.

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