Monday, June 17, 2013

Sound and Story comes to our Towns

I recently volunteered for the Sound and Story project- which is an ongoing effort to strengthen community through the power of listening. Last Saturday project director Eileen McAdam visited the Warner Library with her talented colleagues. In the morning they trained us and demonstrated techniques and then sent us out as teams to gather interviews, imagery and impressions. Saturday afternoon turned out to be the perfect time to run in to many interesting subjects. Next comes their edit of what we created and eventually, a film to be shown at the library in the fall. Fun!!

Update: You can see the completed film here.


  1. I think we talked about this at dinner. What a fabulous project! Hope to hear more. Time for a new meet up, no?

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Would be great to meet up soon!!

  2. I ponder this at supper. What an awesome venture! Make plans to catch more. Time for another get together, no? sleepy's coupon