Thursday, November 1, 2012


Things begin to feel normal. There is milk in the grocery store. The train is running. People are returning to their old routines. It's been an unsettling experience to reflect on our fragile stability- which seems unwavering under ordinary circumstances. Today, I am possessed by the singular desire to call my mother- say hello, see how she and my dad are faring. What they had for dinner. How they are feeling. Unfortunately, my mother has been gone for over 19 years, my father for 7. I can reach out to them in my heart of hearts- and tell them all the things I would like to share. Another reminder to enjoy the good that exists while it is yours to enjoy. Life delivers its own difficulties in a flash, a whim, or a storm.

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  1. Your thoughts about your mother are very timely. I have thought to pick up the phone about a hundred times this week to call my mom to see if needs anything, to see if she is okay, to commiserate. She passed away unexpected on 10/7. Hope your family is well during this fragile time.