Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Our neighborhood is home to all sorts of people as well as a lot of four legged, two legged and multi legged critters. The squirrels and birds put on a day long performance of song, combat and play. At night however is when the fun really begins. The deer wander in and out of gardens, the raccoons go searching for any available garbage can that isn't nailed shut, and our compost pile, conveniently located near our kitchen door is a banquet awaiting takers. So, when the unmistakable whiff of a certain striped mammal's scent came wafting off the patio, we knew immediately that our dog Comet had intersected at the wrong time in the wrong place with another of God's creatures. Did you know that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixed do a great job of getting rid of the smell from being sprayed? (At least according to my husband who executed the emergency procedure.) And me, I slept elsewhere because no matter how much he insisted how amazing the solution worked- well- something unmistakably musky hovered in the air. So, if you find yourselves in the same predicament- click here to learn  how he "resolved" the problem.

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