Monday, August 6, 2012

The semiotics of gift-wrap

I've been contemplating possibility a lot and how it is often better than actuality. The prospect of a dinner out, seeing an exhibit, taking a trip. It's as though in the free floating space of the future, our hopes and dreams can take flight. A while back, a friend gave me a gift from the Chanel store. I knew this because of the distinctive gift wrap. The odd thing was that the idea of possibility overtook me. I  had little desire to open the gift. I liked knowing that I had something from Chanel- and that knowledge created a little bubble of excitement that might not stay the same once I had opened the package. It took me a long time to open it. I think I annoyed her in the fact that it took me so long to do so. Its contents was a set of Chanel make-up brushes- perfectly fine. But the reality of the package unopened brought me far more pleasure than the gift itself. Another reminder of how tantalizing is often the unknown.

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