Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Last week, Kathy came to visit and it was lovely. We share such a deep history, and were both hurt in indescribable ways by the same powerful person (although Kathy ultimately, more deeply than me) and I admire Kathy so much, that it was pure happiness to have her here.  In the history of my life, she is an important person, and having her back in my life as my friend is a wonderful thing.

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  1. Dorothy...It was so great to see all of you, and spend the night with "fluffy" (a watershed moment for me!) You are the same smart, generous, and talented person you've always been...and now such a good mom as well. Life moves on, and I'm so glad we've moved closer....
    Thanks for the plants....they seem to be holding their us. Big Hug....Kathy