Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Junk" Love

I found this kooky porcelain dish (made in Bavaria circa 1910?..) on a thrifting mission for picture frames. There were no frames to be had- but this odd item caught my eye. I loved the lobster's placement and the quirky colors. My friend Liza has all sorts of charming things in her house and I knew this could fit right in. Before I wrapped it up, I took a quick snap to remember how strange and wonderful it was at the same time.

Monday, January 30, 2012

In Case You are Interested....

I am selling this very cute item on Ebay for those of you who like to find esoteric things through digital commerce. I listed it last night and it already has a lot of watchers. So, in the quest of blatant self promotion and the possibility of your interest, click here if you want to learn more about it!

I found it in the back of a cupboard. I enjoyed the champagne packed within a while back with a good friend. It's the right time for someone else to enjoy the bag. It's a gem

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Doubt Prevails

The we of the family is a shifting nucleus. As our eldest is off at college- life has a different shape. We are now four and on any occasion- three or less comprise the group. I knew it would go fast and certainly mine wasn't any faster than another's- it's more the experience of what's next. No, I didn't plan. I thought life would deliver its next chapter. I could have spent more time constructing so that I wouldn't find myself like this- caught in a web of confusion and self doubt. What is my purpose and not knowing what is up ahead and not knowing what fork I should take- as I am a solo navigator. A business yes- one that would involve others and keep me going. No, didn't do that. A job- yes. One that would morph and evolve over time. No, instead I invested myself in my calling. Not sure it was such a good idea when all is said or done. But, there is no going back. The present is mine to use, profit, abuse or squander. No one said it was easy.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Years ago, I entered in to a professional and creative relationship with a friend, someone I had met as an undergrad. I was coming out of graduate school and it was a perfect fit. She and her good friend and neighbor developed an interesting product, an accessory that subsequently over time, became a true success. So successful that at the 10 year mark they sold the business and profited well. It's a great business story. I acted as the photographer of the brand and in the beginning created all the packaging as well so I had a unique relationship to the brand's success. It was a lot of fun to create something that became a global entity from nothing. The only downside was that the friend from college had a very mean streak in her. She could be curt, undermining and demeaning in her tone and remarks. So much that I still remember the devastating pain of her mean words. I would like to leave it in the past where it resides as we haven't had any contact for years. It's just odd to me how the injuries don't go away as there is no healing. It's more about moving on and away from it at every opportunity. I know now that the best move when I become the focus of an unwarranted display of hostility is to stay unengaged and plan my exit strategy.

I just started an indesign class. Sitting next to the instructor, I noticed her tote bad was made by my friend's current company. No wonder I am thinking about her. Too close for comfort!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I bought the chair above at a friend's yard sale last summer for a ridiculously low price. (It had been a chair her grandmother had purchased way back.) I thought it would be nice for James at his desk upstairs as it swivels. He didn't like it and the chair moved to the office. The kids were on their way to hurting it so I tucked it away and knew it had to leave. I researched the chair and learned it was designed by Norman Cherner who was educated in the Bauhaus tradition. (His was a brilliant talent and his sons are currently reissuing his furniture.) I got it listed on Ebay and the auction is closing today. There are 24 people who are interested in purchasing it. I got inquiries about shipping to Hong Kong, France and the U.K. Who knows how high it will go. I was happy with my listing price.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


My husband James is from Texas and most of his family is still there. With everyone's resources stretched thin, we don't get to see them often. James' nephew Justin is now a college sophomore and he's attending school in New York City. He spent a lot of his January break looking for a new place to live, so he stored his possessions here and crashed on our sofa a few nights a week. He and his roommate succeeded in finding an apartment and another nephew, Austin, came up from Texas for the weekend to help his brother with the move. The boys came up late Friday night and we were treated to a snowfall when we woke up. It's nice to see Jacob with his cousins. Although he is younger, he identifies with them and it makes him happy to have them around.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I would have a lot to say if I was the sort of person who said a lot, but really I am the kind of person who writes some things and tries not to write anything that will embarrass any one else I know. Let's call it "practical blogging". Because after all, I want my kids to talk to me even as I disclose key things about them, as well as my "better half" who works hard (and sometimes- not very often- gets it all wrong) to keep it all going with me. So, I will say no more in hopes of saying less and keeping the good vibes going 24/7. Now that you know so much, well, share. And share whatever. You know I am interested. Really.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adventures along the road

Before motherhood, I travelled quite a bit for work and always enjoyed it. Sometimes, just being in another locale with the models, wardrobe, client and lay-outs was a total immersion that was stressful, fun and exciting. I shot the images included in this post for Bass Weejun around 1990 on location at a lodge in Colorado. I spent my day executing the photos scheduled or required. Very different from my life today! I am looking anew at all the images that have accumulated and it's fun to re-visit and re-examine.

The model in the images below was a very nice guy and also, like myself at the time, newly single. When I looked at him through my viewfinder, I literally swooned. I admit it. We had a lovely dinner together during the trip. (Later the stylist told me he was the ex-husband of Isabella Rosellini- yes he was intriguing!) Composing an image with him was the only time I really came under the spell of a subject- it was hard to stop taking his photo. It made me think about my many male professional counter-parts who routinely married their models. That was probably the most flirting I have ever felt with a camera in my hands and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All's Well that End's Well

I am grateful to report that the roofer (thank you Woody's Construction for your skilled work!) came back after disappearing for quite a while to finish our job. It's noon and there is a team working on our roof as we speak. Seeing the copper being cut to create new flashings made my heart soar a little. I have watched leaks in our upstairs ceiling worsen in an alarming fashion for a longer period than is sensible to admit. (we're talking years...) If all goes right, the roof will be fixed for good. We are also replacing one dented, leaky gutter that finally ripped off after the freak Halloween blizzard.

The first thing they completed was putting the slate on the shed. The tarpaper roof look is over and the piles of slate leaning next to the building are now elegantly installed. After seeing the slate waiting to be used for 18 months, the sight of the building with an actual roof brings a welcomed sigh of relief.

Construction update two weeks later: The brick adjacent to the gutter that fell off needed some repair. Luckily, the mason did the work while we were away. Yesterday, Woody's crew came, fabricated and hung the new gutter where it was needed. It was a beautiful sight to see the gutter installed. Removing this off the must-do list is a wonderful gift for this angst ridden soul.