Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thinking Holiday

During the years I lived in Greenwich Village I liked to visit my friend Michele and her family at their home in Bryn Mawr. Her kids' events were often on the calender and one Sunday, at their dance school's holiday recital, I stood offstage to admire a group of young dancers concentrating on their steps as their feet tapped away. The excitement the children feel who are performing is palpable and sweet to observe. And the audience of family members- hold the kleenex!

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  1. Awww, these girls are very cute. They also look like they know what they're supposed to be doing.

    My son spent middle school at a teeny tiny school that always had a holiday show. Everyone, from the 3 year olds to the 8th graders, got up on that stage. The little ones sometimes just stood and stared out into the audience -- or even sometimes, faced the back of the stage and stared that way, or they'd see their grandparents and wave. One year, a couple of the first graders, dressed as sheep, chased after by a couple of 2nd grade shepherds, wandered off stage the wrong way. The middle-school band was the absolute worst I'd ever heard. Could never tell what those poor kids were playing but we'd all applaud wildly. It reminded me of Scout dressed as a Christmas ham in To Kill A Mockingbird ... Miss it now, we always looked forward to it. :o)