Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Reduction in Numbers

We had an atypical Thanksgiving dinner this year with just three of us at the table. The meal felt like something to be consumed rather than savored but overall I made a very nice repast. (and dessert awaits after the post dinner nap.)

Eldest daughter is observing the holiday in L.A. with friends and middle daughter is at her place of employment so my dining companions of son and husband meant that dinner was dispatched quickly and our small party broke away from the table in a record 22 minutes. (I did enjoy cooking  this afternoon and was amused by Crisley Knows Best and all things Lifetime television.)

For all of you for whom life is not a Hallmark card, you have my empathy and respect. Still gratitude seems like an effort worth making- no matter how small the gathering at your hearth and how fleeting the connection.

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