Sunday, April 26, 2015

Still Life Sunday (and lunch w/Ellen)

Without over sharing, my friend Steven (and husband to friend Ellen) has been assembling a sculpture garden of sorts made out of rubber bands and other small components. These miniature artworks are organized in a small protected section of his desk and over time I've watched them accumulate in numbers.

Ellen wanted to collaborate on some still lives of them and had a perfect assortment of pantone paper in tones to please the eye. We spent a few hours photographing his creations and got a lot done. Still life bliss!

Afterward, we went out for lunch and walked downtown to One World Trade Center. 

We headed underground through an incredible vista of marble which connected seamlessly to the... 

...Westfield World Trade Center whose public areas, retail tenants and food court were amazing. Quite a departure from life around here. New sights and experiences are always good for the soul.

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