Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Chance Encounter Makes My Day

Heading in to NYC the other night to meet friends, I spotted a very familiar face on the Metronorth platform boarding the same train. I found myself saying hello and sharing my appreciation for his entertaining t.v. shows on HGTV and then took the liberty of sitting in the empty seat facing his. We chatted amiably on the way in about his work and his current projects.  Jonathan Scott is a fascinating person and he and his twin brother Drew and older brother J.D. have developed The Property Brothers in to a global enterprise. A very nice guy and so talented and handsome to boot! (and thanks Jonathan for letting me take your picture.)

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  1. My friend and I met Drew a couple of months ago, filming in Tarrytown. We were waiting outside, taking photos of him through the window of a favorite restaurant. He saw us and acknowledged us, with that "just a minute look". When they were done filming, he came right out, introduced himself and took selfies with us. He couldn't have been nicer or more approachable. Glad to hear that Jonathan is just as nice. Lucky you!