Tuesday, March 10, 2015

(My) Literary Effort

I love books, magazines, packaging and cards. There isn't much in print that doesn't grab my attention. As a photographer, writer and an artist I'm rarely at a loss for something to do (along with all the endlessly mundane chores that preoccupy us all).

Over the years I have created images that have been used as illustrations for many different book genres, from crafting books, to children's books, to book covers to author photographs and I recently learned Adobe Indesign so that I could design books illustrated and written by me. My Resale ABC explores a range of items that I sold on Ebay and the things that happen when you try to find a new home for possessions no longer need or wanted.  (My talented friend Howard Klein designed the cover above. His talents far exceed mine in this area so thank you Howard!). It's been a lot fun to put the finishing touches to this effort and see it get closer to fruition. Exciting!

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