Friday, March 20, 2015

From the Files

I'm contemplating a move, mostly because I want a different kind of workspace. It's not happening any time soon- but with our son approaching his last year of high school, and with our eldest contemplating a move to Texas, it's easy to think that our kids might need us differently than the days of hands on family life. I don't think I need as many bathrooms as this house has (and all the plumbing issues involved). And there's always the high property taxes and utility costs that are mind boggling on their own. What I long for is true studio space, where you can create and stage images, make things using your hands and gather with others for sharing. Back in my earlier NYC studio life, my friend Ellen and I would collaborate on photo projects from time to time. Her orange heels demanded to be captured on film and Ellen and I spent an inspired afternoon making it happen. I have had many happy moments in a photo studio. It's a magical place for me.

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