Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recovering in Sleepy Hollow

I'm on the other side of my hip replacement surgery and now have a very serious looking bandage on the front of my left thigh. The whole procedure went as well as could be expected and I was sent home after spending one night in the hospital.

I was very anxious going in (canceling certainly crossed my mind). Having had nothing to eat or drink for close to 14 hours, during my pre-surgery exam I felt lightheaded and poised to faint, something I feared would interfere with the procedure. But I rallied and after getting situated on the table in the operating room I awoke in recovery to the hum and blur of post op activity and found my husband and daughter Nora smiling at me with relief.

It was startling to me how many personnel tended to me in one way or another, upwards of 25 staff in about a 24 hour window. Thankfully I never forgot my name, my birth date or why I was there- which seems to be their litmus test of mental acuity. Now I am in the throes of recovery and while I am sore and bruised, I'm happy to be in the recuperative phase with physical therapy due to begin tomorrow.

And to Dr. Davidovitch and everyone at N.Y.U. Hospital for Joint Diseases, you have my appreciation and gratitude- more than you'll ever know.


  1. Very happy to hear your surgery went well. Enjoy being waited on as long as it lasts!

  2. Dear Loretta,
    Thanks for commenting- and yes- it's interesting to being tended to- especially as I am not ready to resume my usual duties in the kitchen!!!