Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Delicate Balance

For all of you parents of the teenaged set, you might have encountered some dangerous ground where your offspring are concerned- as in sharing anything remotely personal about them with anyone- even something as potentially harmless as the fact that you are indeed related. (I have witnessed many cringe inducing moments when my children have to acknowledge that I am their mother- and as a women of a "certain age" who has all her faculties intact and still looks respectable in jeans- well, I know they could have done a lot worse, but I digress....). This morning after a quick glance at someone's whose name I will not mention I noticed that a certain level of attention to his grooming might be in order- so I took the plunge and ordered him the above. If I am truly lucky (and given that he has no interest in this blog whatsoever) I will escape embarrassing us both with this post and bring the shadow of a smile to his face when the package arrives.

That's the hope if truth be told.


  1. Can you update us once you receive the razors? Looks like it might be a good stocking stuffer for my teen and hubby.

  2. Hi Sadie- thanks for your comment. Given the phantom like nature of my son's visibility around the house- I will wait for the right moment to gift him this. And if it is well received- I'll be happy to share!