Saturday, November 29, 2014

An evening with Metropolis

Lately consuming culture is more appealing than consuming goods- so a local showing of Metropolis at the Tarrytown Music Hall piqued my interest and James was onboard. The theatre was mostly empty (I guess the mall was filled with many more temptations....) which made it perfect for stealth photographing from my seat. Only my husband was annoyed and he kept his grumblings to himself.

Filmed in the late 20's, this silent masterpiece is filled with moments of amazing art direction, utter overacting, grandiose set designs and montages that describe a future world of worker and magnate, occupying two distinctly different worlds and a chilling vehicle from the past that seems very relevant today.

Two and half hours later- we emerge in to the chilly darkness. I am often in awe of artistic efforts that survive the test of time and Metropolis proved to be a visual treat on many many levels.

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