Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Addition

Like many people whose livelihood revolves around imagery, I have a fondness for cameras and all kinds of recording devices. In a previous life, I bought lenses, accessories, cables and filters as projects required.  Most studio equipment is expensive and not what you want to carry with you 24/7 especially when there are compact digital cameras capable of taking great photos.

I have owned numerous Panasonic Lumix since my kids were little and invariably they break (well after years of heavy use notwithstanding). My last Lumix died a while back and I just received a Lumix DMX-LX7. It's a treat to carry something small and incredibly versatile with an affordable price point to boot. Mom is armed and dangerous again- at least photographically speaking. (and who can resist all the built-in scene modes that the camera offers.)

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