Sunday, May 11, 2014

The things we liked in common (for Mom)

Leanne Shapton published a touching piece in the NYTimes today where she asked a group of women to talk about something they wear that used to be their mother’s. The article featured photos of the items and a short narrative text in each woman's words. 

The article made me remember a wonderful purse that I found years ago at a local thrift store and bought on the spot. Returning to my folks' house, I showed it proudly to my mother. She gave it a quick look and remarked dryly, "That's a bag I just donated to that shop. You know you bought something that was once mine." 
Yet she was secretly pleased that even in the context of anonymity, I was eager to own something that had once been her's.  She and I could clash on matters large and small, but in matters of taste, I am definitely my mother's daughter.

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