Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Season Begins

Memorial Day weekend finds our resident teenagers attaining new heights of chilldom as their parents stay in motion doing maintenance (and trying not to butt heads with said lazy progeny). Chores completed (our lawn looks like a putting green and seeds planted in freshly turned beds) James and I headed down to our local beach club on its opening weekend. We arrived to a scene out of spring break with every member ( with relatives and or guests in tow) milling about, cups in hand, kids tearing around and a few hardy enthusiasts taking a dip in the river under the watchful eye of the lifeguard.  We bumped in to various friends (took a portrait to commemorate the day) until we found a quiet spot to sit and sip our beers and drink in the sunset. 


(Hopefully, the excitement will wear off soon and it will be returned to the laid back spot along the Hudson that we have grown to love and appreciate for its .....tranquility!)

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