Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The President Lands in Sleepy Hollow

There were a lot of excited people who gathered in numbers at the top of the main thoroughfare of our village today anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Commander in Chief. President Obama made a rare visit to our area to deliver a speech against the backdrop of the Tappan Zee Bridge at a picturesque spot  by the river in Tarrytown. Sleepy Hollow had an empty space ample enough for his security and the landing of the many helicopters that travel as part of the President's entourage. Mostly we saw a lot of official vehicles and personnel and snipers poised to protect, but there were no sightings of him. Still, knowing he was in a helicopter that flew overhead and that he was landing on our turf made everyone there feel a rush of importance. Maybe someday I will catch a glimpse of the man himself- or even be treated to the sight of his hand, raised in a greeting of hello.

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