Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Ladies Lunch

Sometimes in the midst of my "suburban splendor" I forget how much I like the energy and vitality of the city. Yesterday, my friend Laura arranged a gathering that included Joyce, Michele and myself where we four swapped stories and recent highs and lows over a delicious lunch. Life with kids means meals are often acts of necessity and trying to stay connected as time hurtles us all forward. It made me appreciate the companionship of these smart and caring ladies, the pleasures of a smooth linen tablecloth, a comfy banquette and unhurried service. I need this stimulation to feed the parts of me that having nothing to do with managing house and family. So good for the soul! (and many thanks to Laura for treating us all to the occasion.)


  1. Ah yes, I miss the energy of the city too! A ladies lunch sounds divine and I agree, so good for the soul!

  2. Thanks for your comment- maybe there is a ladies lunch for us in the near future?....