Monday, March 24, 2014

Stylists and Models

During my studio years creating the photographs for Hue Hosiery I often worked with the same crew. My favorite stylist was Sarah H. who had the drive to find the clothes and the shoes so that I could create the images that in turn graced Hue's packaging. I was seeking a kind of sublime perfection- where design, drape, fit and gesture were imbued with one thing and one thing only- to make you want to wear the product on display and take it home for your very own.

I think everyone enjoys work more when the atmosphere is upbeat and to mine some humor I started photographing the interactions of the stylist(s) and models.  I love the intimacy of the make ready and the patience required to be pinned and taped in to the clothes. So much effort goes in to making simplicity beautiful that it's good to share the underside of the myth. Helps to keep it real.

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