Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow (and more Snow)

For those of you who don't like spoilers (especially ones received the night before the day itself) I offer no words of consolation. Once again we are having a snow day and I am blissfully surrounded by my family members who have managed to miraculously wake up before noon on a day that they don't have to go to school. With regards to the lack of anything interesting to eat (according to the junior set) we will have to brave the elements in quest of more food stuffs so that when my son's friends appear at our door they don't starve due to the exhaustive effort they made to get here. (Please don't remind me that I always said I wanted children....) A huge bag of popcorn kernels await so perhaps with a little mindfulness at the stove- some smiling faces will  once again be mine, however temporarily the appreciation lasts.

And a few snowy images courtesy of the dogwood tree that graces our front yard (as requested by my spouse.)

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