Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow (and more snow) and Film Bliss

We're experiencing the Artic effect around here as another wave of snowy weather descends on the east coast. Overcast, chilly and hazy due to the thick flakes tumbling incessantly down. The white powder covers every available surface outside and as we are surrounded by hemlocks and pines, it seems other worldly when I look out the window.
Of course school is cancelled (again) and as winter break starts tomorrow my two high schoolers are thrilled to be embarking on their 11 day vacation. Late nights, sleeping in, and hanging out. Good times for Mom and Dad!! (Once, in a chapter that seems so far away and long ago- they were perfectly adorable toddlers- and currently they are often maddening to put it mildly. If you live with teens, you know of what I speak.)
Now the focus is career, parental duties, community service and life with my talented spouse. Add a few adventures to the agenda- well after we dig out the cars.

[And I just spent a very enjoyable (and uninterrupted- thank you slumbering kids!) morning watching Enough Said. Touching, funny and well done in so many ways. So sad to think that James Gandolfino is gone.]

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