Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fatigued in Sleepy Hollow

As someone who uses computers regularly- I often grow weary of the web. I know there is no solution. Technology is here to stay- it has made our world a better place (mostly). But it's the relentless commerce that makes my brain turn to mush. I don't want to be sold anything every time I click. And do you know what is trending now? Whatever wasn't trending before- like in the last three minutes, three hours, three weeks, three months, three years. What if you moved beyond trends? What if life wasn't a constant procession of commercial opportunities?  What would the world look like minus the endless push to consume? I don't want the good old days- but do long for a better tomorrow with a decent today. Just sayin".

(fyi I created the collage above photographically- using a copy stand- during graduate school circa '78. Still holds up pretty well....)

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