Monday, January 20, 2014

Unexpected Relaxation in the Hollow

It's utterly quiet around here today. The husband off skiing, one kid at a friend's, and my high school senior upstairs in her room.  One of those unplanned days where I really have no obligations at all.
So it's sort of a "What do I feel like doing today?"  Errands? Not really. Work at my desk? Do I have to? Do some assorted task around the house? Can't that wait for.....tomorrow? No, this is an unusual opportunity to take it easy and even do nothing at all. Let's see if I can survive the guilt of that.

Author's Note- I just discovered the blog Just Me With.. that is d**n funny and incredibly well written. It makes me appreciate the many talented bloggers out there. Now I'll probably spend the afternoon reading as many of her posts as I can....

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