Friday, January 10, 2014

Joan Rivers and Me

Today Joan Rivers is going to be guest hosting on The Leonard Lopate Show with one segment featuring lawyer and author Henry Bushkin about his recent book on Johnny Carson. I know it will be riveting because of Joan's history with Johnny. This brings back my memory of taking Joan's picture for my friend, Diana, who was an editor of a TV related publication and needed a photo of Joan Rivers holding her just published bio Enter Talking for an article. I bought a copy of her book and gear in hand, headed up to the hotel (I think it was the Carlyle) with the writer assigned to the piece.

Earlier that same day Joan had announced that she was going to be doing her own talk show for Fox, itself a new network and her time slot was 11 p.m. Upon arrival, we were told that she had just heard that Johnny Carson (her most important supporter) was furious and terminating his relationship with her. She was in such a perfectly coiffed state of shock that all I wanted to do was take her photo and get out of there as quickly as possible.

(Utterly distracted, she was completely gracious and happy to sign her book for me. Like many photographers will attest, images and narratives often intertwine- and who doesn't like a good back story?)

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