Saturday, December 28, 2013

The wise and unwise in us all

I'm doing something radical it seems, an effort which warrants words of "You are so brave!" from friends of uncertain standing. You see, I stopped coloring my hair. I decided I was tired of pretense. I found myself envying the men I know a little too much who seemed to take the actual color of their hair in stride. For the most part, they don't appear to subscribe to what someone else thinks it should be- it can be what it actually is. What a concept. Unlike many of my female peers who need to relentlessly engage in hiding the obvious.  No, we women must engineer to hide our physical flaws, we have to struggle in to spanx (something I thankfully don't need....yet) and find our co-conspirators, our hair colorist, or buy the box religiously at the drugstore and then surrender to the mess of covering what really is, in hopes of being what will be admired.

And my d.h., when I asked him if he was getting use to my silvery hair gave me the reply you would never seek in your worst hour, "What does it matter what I think?" Yes, a dark marital moment for sure.

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