Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Town has its Premiere

Living in this bucolic spot along the Hudson, we were excited to learn last summer that the Fox network was going to broadcast a show featuring certain historic members of our beloved village and using our village's name for the title of the program. As a result there has been a lot of  local anticipation in the air. So, like many of my fellow residents, 9 p.m. last night found me glued to my chair watching our television (except during the many commercial breaks for products seeking spots in such a hot property).

We searched the show for actual elements of where we live, but The Old Dutch ChurchPhilipsburg Manor, Beekman Ave. (our funky main street)  and our popular diner were not in evidence. My husband insisted that the fly over shots were filmed here- and I did spot the ribbon of the river on one side of the screen and our famous cemetery (I think). It's possible they shot a key scene at Lyndhurst.

Well, it does elevate our village to the rest of the world but given the dire nature of our most infamous inhabitant, does not give me a warm feeling all over.

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