Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our sojourn to Lake Champlain

My husband, James, and I with our two (reluctant) teenagers set out on a road trip last Sunday. We combined the break with bringing the rest of our daughter Nora's stuff to Burlington,Vermont for her new apartment. We made our way north and dropped off her cargo, staying overnight so James could help her paint her new room. The next morning we headed further up Lake Champlain to St. Albans where we had arranged to rent a cottage on the water. The rental was funky, the beds were lousy and the second night I observed a 1000 midges dancing around our bedroom's ceiling fixture (and the room's only source of light). I did sleep uneasily, it's true. The kids. missing their pals at home, were more than happy to leave early.
But the rental was located minutes away from Killkare State Park where we took a lovely boat ride via ferry to Burton Island State Park which has meandering walks and breathtaking water views. It was easy to fall in love with Lake Champlain and its many scenic wonders.

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