Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Make your mess your message" (& a memory)

Spoken by Robin Roberts during her touching speech while accepting Espy's Arthur Ashe Award for Courage last July. She is someone for whom I have a lot of respect  and admiration.
So, words to ponder. 

{Once, years ago on a small commuter flight from Detroit to Grand Rapids, I sat across the aisle from Arthur Ashe on a mostly empty plane. (He was retired from tennis by this time and due to a blood transfusion during open heart surgery had contracted AIDS. I knew of his work in promoting both AIDS prevention and funding research to find a cure.) 
He and I made eye contact, smiled slightly in acknowledgement, took our seats, and then read for the duration of the flight, which was completely uneventful. Still, from my seat, I felt the special presence of this amazing man. Upon standing to deplane, I told him that I knew who he was and that it was honor to have met him. He smiled at me again and then we each dropped our eyes. Another brush with greatness that I will never forget.}

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