Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gettysburg 1998

15 years ago next month, I left my family (including my 8 week old son) with great reluctance  to go to Gettysburg, Pa. to photograph the 135th Civil War battle's re-enactment there. I was meeting my collaborator, Susan Sinnott, who had written a  children's book called Charley Waters goes to Gettysburg and I was there to create the illustrations

We slept in a camper on a vast campground and spent all the waking hours tromping around the woods following our 8 year old lead character and photographing him and his father's regiment (amidst the entire re-creation there- over 30,000 people in period dress). It was amazing to be immersed in this subculture and bear witness to this epic staging of this historic battle to such extraordinary proportions. Truly memorable.

(and my family survived without me. Thank you Fanny for all your excellent help!)

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