Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day 10591

Just in case you were wondering, my family did not bestow upon me the above pendant this year for Mother's Day. I don't need another trinket, another accessory or anything else poetically packaged from a store.
But, to set the record straight- what I did want-
1. A meal (not cooked by me) enjoyed together
2. The feeling of their lips on my cheek and the press of their embrace
3. The words "I love you Mom"

I got all three from my 3. Wishing you the same contentment (however fleeting) to anyone who takes the time to mother-whether it be children, another adult, an animal, a cause, or a classroom of kids. I am going to enjoy this day of recognition and remember to give thanks for my spouse, our offspring, our hearth and our home. And I wish you all the same.

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