Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Some of) The things I've seen (with a camera)

At one time, when carrying a big camera everywhere I went seemed like a good idea- before kids supplanted the contents of my vehicle and I filled my bags with film, lenses and a light meter instead of snacks and wipes, I sought out places of various scale and description and tried to capture a moment in time.
Now, with the advent of digital cameras, things are no longer as complicated and nerve wracking. You can see your results immediately and adjust your settings and position accordingly. You can make use of photoshop to up the pleasure factor that was once so elusive and quantified by your understanding of what your equipment could do. So, maybe a little suspense has been diminished. I remember excitement, worry, frustration and elation when it came time to see my film processed by the lab. Like most who self edit- I'll leave those less memorable results to remain in obscurity. Hope you enjoy!

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