Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Case Study

Somewhere, there must be some research project where I could be a participant. Where they are gathering up educated, well intentioned women and men who for some impractical reason decided to stay home and raise their children themselves. Abetted by my husband who has a decent job and this mom's willingness to forgo ever buying anything again for herself at full price in an upscale retail establishment, I am fortunate enough not to have a family member facing a life threatening illness and lucky as well to have a spouse who comes home on a regular basis and is not tempted himself by the ponies or the local saloon. So, if you put all these factoids together you might arrive at someone like me, who has a fair amount of intelligence and talent and made the irrational move to mostly put her career on hold to be a stay at home parent. And yes, I made the decision myself, there was no gun held to myself or to anyone else. I take all the blame.
Yet, the kids are growing, they will leave the nest sooner than later and I am restless to be meaningfully engaged in the world and make a contribution through my skills. Putting this next equation together presents untold challenges to my psyche in an economy where too many capable people are looking for work. I'm working on working as they say and trying to stay excited despite all the uncertainty.

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