Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween seems endless in the Hollow

As every village seeks a way to make itself a destination (shout out to all our local businesses) October in these parts builds to a crescendo of spooky nuttiness. My husband, in his unofficial capacity as mayor of our neighborhood, spent a good part of last week focussed on our neighborhood Halloween party. Last year, due to an unexpected blizzard, this event was cancelled. This year, trying to put ourselves back on the map, he went in to overdrive. He even arranged for the Headless Horseman to make an appearance.  The horseman's arrival was an event of shock and awe and my husband got a lot of street credit from the adults in attendance for arranging this special guest. I'm probably a little worn out from the years of relentless Halloween activities that consume our community- and making an early exit from the party I was moved, not by the sight of kids in inventive costumes, but by the light falling through the trees and the dance of leaves as they tumbled earthwise from above.

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