Saturday, September 8, 2012

Show Time

I love libraries. They have always played an integral part of my life and since my childhood, weekly visits to our local library have constituted one of my favorite routines. My parents encouraged us by sharing their appreciation of all things written and those outings with them to their favorite branch where I grew up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio etched special memories of curling up in the children's section, the possibility of all those books whose titles beckoned to me and which made for many happy hours of discovering the bounty of the printed word.
We have a wonderful library in our community and it seemed a perfect place to install an exhibition of my images that I have created locally over the past few years. Titled "Our Towns", it is my love letter of sorts to where we reside, featuring the many lively people, their activities and their endeavors that make these villages along the Hudson River so special.
Later today, there will will be an opening from 3-5 p.m. and I look forward to seeing the faces of strangers and friends alike as they peruse the photographs, hopefully discover someone they know depicted and enjoy my efforts. So, if you are nearby, stop in at The Warner Library, say hello and take a look. I'll be happy to see you.

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