Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kind Words from a Good Friend

                     (My good friend Joyce, has been reading my blog since I began this effort in    
                 2010. I asked her if she would write what she enjoys about my blog and to     
                 pick a few favorite images. Below find her thoughts which I am honored to 
                share with you.)

                      "Curb Appeal in Sleepy Hollow" is a rich story of family life that I have
                      followed from its beginning in January of 2010. I love seeing Dorothy's fine,
                      professional photographs and the stories that accompany them. I am an avid 
                      follower because I know I'll be refreshed by the sense of well-being that 
                      accompanies each entry.

                   Through the seasons, comings and goings, ups and downs, and many excursions
                   Dorothy's internal gyroscope returns the world and her active household of 5 to
                   its rightful place in a few carefully crafted paragraphs.


                     The quality of this blog reminds me of why I read The New Yorker. It often 
                     reveals interesting topics and is always dependably executed. Talent to
                     achieve these ends is a given, but being dependable through almost 350
                     entries is truly rare.

                     There are many who consider creating a record of their lives, and there 
                     are a few who actually try. But very, very few who deliver a record as
                     potent as this one. Brava, Dorothy.

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  1. I couldn't agree more......PS. i LOVE this photo of Jacob!